Parliamentary question - O-000100/2015Parliamentary question

    How the objectives of the previous Daphne programmes are pursued in the context of the new Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme

    Question for oral answer O-000100/2015
    to the Commission
    Rule 128
    Iratxe García Pérez, on behalf of the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality

    Procedure : 2015/2827(RSP)
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    O-000100/2015 (B8-1104/2015)
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    Daphne programmes have played a fundamental role in combating violence against women in the EU and have been a genuine success both in terms of their popularity and of the effectiveness of the projects funded. The Regulation (EU) No 1381/2013 expressly mentions that is essential that the name Daphne is maintained in relation to actions aimed at preventing and combating violence against children, young people and women under the new programme on Fundamental Rights, Equality and Citizenship. Also various EP resolutions mention the need for continued financial support for the Daphne programme and for its profile to be maintained in order to continue to allow women’s rights organisations, in particular, in the Member States to combat violence against women.

    In this context the question is how the objectives of the previous Daphne programmes will be pursued in the context of the new Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme? More clarity is needed also on the amount of funding that will be spent on gender equality targets, in particular as regards the specific objective to prevent and combat all forms of violence. How are the amounts allocated/ spent for the different target groups, in particular as regards women and girls? What action is Commission taking in order to ensure the visibility of the Daphne related objectives and to raise the awareness of the funding possibilities under the new programme taking into account this request to maintain the profile of the former Daphne programme?

    According to the latest report on progress on equality 2014, the Commission funded transnational grassroots projects to combat violence against women and girls, through the new Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme for EUR 9 million in 2014. How does the Commission intend to ensure transparent information on the actions selected for funding in order to allow for a proper scrutiny of the implementation of the specific objective of preventing and combating violence?

    Promotion of equality between women and men and advancement of gender mainstreaming is also recognised as a specific objective in the above mentioned Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme. The same questions on clarity and transparency as regards the specific amounts to be spent and the actions to be funded in order to attain this objective are relevant in this context also.