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Parliamentary questions
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3 February 2016
Question for oral answer O-000021/2016
to the Commission
Rule 128
Jerzy Buzek, on behalf of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

 Subject: Towards a thriving data-driven economy
 Answer in plenary 

The following questions are put to the Commission regarding its communication ‘Towards a thriving data-driven economy’.

1. The digital single market is one of the key priorities of the current Commission Work Programme. In this context the data-driven economy is a growing sector that should enable the development of the digital world which, beyond connectivity, needs common standards, interoperability, accessible platforms, high-speed networks and high-performance computing infrastructure. How does the Commission plan to support the development of broadband infrastructure, cloud computing, innovations in standards and a stable legal framework as top priorities in fostering a data-driven economy?

2. Given the growth, employment and competitiveness opportunities in this area and in view of data protection, security and sustainability of privacy standards, how will the Commission ensure that the framework for a data-driven economy is legally sound, respecting data protection standards, yet flexible enough to adapt to the changing environment of digital markets in order to reap as many as possible of the benefits brought by a data-driven economy?

3. SMEs are currently the businesses benefiting from and furthering the use of technology and innovation in the data-driven economy in Europe. What steps will the Commission take to create a level playing field a) enabling SMEs to actively contribute with their own data-stacks to data-driven value chains and to compete as global leaders in the data-driven economy? b) giving access to SMEs, in equal conditions and with due respect for security and privacy considerations, to government-managed data repositories, so as to unleash their recognised dynamism and creativity in developing high-value applications, products and services? c) encouraging Member States to contribute to R&D&I and financial activities to facilitate the adoption of a competitive data-driven economy?

4. A focus on company-owned data and data-generating added value in combination with open data is necessary for exploiting the opportunities of the data-driven economy. How will the Commission pursue a market-driven standardisation of norms and interoperability measures, and encourage data sharing that respects the differences between open and private data, as well as data protection standards?

5. Even though education and training initiatives are the prerogatives of the Member States, how will the Commission encourage and support the Member States in implementing training initiatives related to data handling and the development of the necessary skills?

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