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22 June 2018
Question for oral answer O-000071/2018
to the Commission
Rule 128
Terry Reintke, Daniele Viotti, Maria Noichl, Jean Lambert, Eider Gardiazabal Rubial, Cornelia Ernst, Theresa Griffin, Virginie Rozière, Alessia Maria Mosca, Dietmar Köster, Sirpa Pietikäinen, Ana Gomes, Carlos Zorrinho, Brando Benifei, Tom Vandenkendelaere, Gabriele Zimmer, Sylvie Guillaume, Sophia in 't Veld, Jude Kirton-Darling, Elly Schlein, Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, Merja Kyllönen, Monika Beňová, Pina Picierno, Javier Couso Permuy, Nessa Childers, Benedek Jávor, Soraya Post, Lola Sánchez Caldentey, Josep-Maria Terricabras, Ernest Urtasun, Tania González Peñas, Martina Michels, Maria Lidia Senra Rodríguez, Paloma López Bermejo, Marisa Matias, Martina Anderson, Ana Miranda, José Inácio Faria, Stelios Kouloglou, Malin Björk, Péter Niedermüller, Miltiadis Kyrkos, Laura Ferrara, Wajid Khan, Matt Carthy, Lynn Boylan, Birgit Sippel, Tibor Szanyi, Bart Staes, Patrick Le Hyaric, Damian Drăghici, Claude Moraes, Miriam Dalli, Liadh Ní Riada, Eleonora Forenza, Sergio Gaetano Cofferati, Renata Briano, Goffredo Maria Bettini, Cécile Kashetu Kyenge, Tanja Fajon, Fabio Massimo Castaldo

 Subject: 10th anniversary of the Horizontal Directive proposal

The Commission presented a proposal for a Council directive on implementing the principle of equal treatment outside the labour market, irrespective of age, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief – the so-called Horizontal Directive – on 2 July 2008.

At present, EU law protects citizens against discrimination:

– when based on nationality, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability: only in the area of employment;

– when based on sex: in the areas of employment, social security and healthcare, access to goods and services – but not in relation to education or social advantages;

– when based on racial or ethnic origin: in employment and other areas of life, thanks to the 2000 Racial Equality Directive.

The Horizontal Directive would have plugged the gaps and harmonised protection against discrimination across the EU. But after 10 years of discussions and negotiations, the proposal is stuck in the Council, and the EU is lacking comprehensive protection against discrimination in all areas of life.

– What action has the Commission taken thus far towards unblocking the Horizontal Directive in the Council?

– Besides the Horizontal Directive, what will the Commission do to enhance protection against discrimination in the EU and move towards comprehensive protection, across the EU, in all areas of life (besides employment)?

– What steps is the Commission taking to ensure that the right put forward in the Social Pillar, namely that everyone, regardless of gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, has the right to equal treatment and opportunities regarding social protection and education, is implemented in all Member States? What steps is the Commission taking to foster equal opportunities for under-represented groups?

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