Parliamentary question - O-000007/2020Parliamentary question

    The new comprehensive EU-Africa strategy

    Question for oral answer  O-000007/2020
    to the Commission
    Rule 136
    Tomas Tobé
    on behalf of the Committee on Development

    Procedure : 2020/2500(RSP)
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    O-000007/2020 (B9-0006/2020)
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    What measures and mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that the future comprehensive strategy for Africa effectively contributes to the implementation of the SDGs and, in particular, the fundamental development objective of eradicating extreme poverty and reducing poverty which the EU and Member States have committed to?

    How will the new strategy contribute to the strategic interests of the Union and the common priorities of both partners, in particular good governance, human rights including the empowerment of women and girls, migration management, the fight against inequalities, peace and security, climate change, biodiversity and the environment?

    How does the Commission intend to prioritise commitments under the Paris Agreement, and align the EU-Africa strategy with the European Green Deal, taking into account the particular vulnerability to climate change of Least Developed Countries, as well of island, coastal and desert communities?

    How will the Commission work with the African Union to ensure the involvement of African and European governments, parliaments, local authorities, private sector actors and civil society including women and youth organisations in the design of the new strategy?

    How will the Commission ensure consistency, and mitigate the risks of overlapping strategic frameworks governing the relationship between the EU and Africa, including the future ACP-EU Partnership Agreement? How will the new strategy affect ongoing negotiations on the future financial instruments, and in particular the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI), for which Africa is also a priority?

    How will the strategy support political, social and economic development in Africa, and ensure that European engagement contributes to sustainable development in a transparent and efficient manner? How will the new strategy accelerate Africa’s transition to an innovation-led economy, and contribute to improvement in the quality of education in line with the related strategic documents of the African Union?

    Does the Commission intend to review academic cooperation, and develop the Erasmus+ programme for young Africans in line with its previous commitments to launch an African youth facility?

    What specific measures are planned to ensure development policy coherence in the design as well as in the implementation phase of the strategy? How will the strategy ensure that its objectives are effectively implemented and evaluated in a fully transparent manner?

    Submitted: 23/01/2020

    Lapses: 24/04/2020

    Last updated: 10 November 2020
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