Parlamendi esitatud küsimus - P-0494/2004Parlamendi esitatud küsimus
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Exemption from the environmental impact assessment by the Government of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Spain, for work on the M30 motorway

by Carlos Carnero González (PSE)
to the Commission

In the Official Journal of the European Communities, the City of Madrid announced the launch of work in June 2004 on 22 sites on the M30 at a cost of EUR 3500m. This 32-kilometre-long motorway, with an average daily traffic volume of more than 200 000 vehicles, passes through an area that is environmentally sensitive (Directive 97/11/CE[1]), owing to its population density and high concentration of pollution. The plans for these roadworks are being drawn up without any overall study into the environmental aspects and without carrying out an environmental impact assessment, which the Government of the Autonomous Community of Madrid seems to view as unnecessary, given that it is negotiating an exemption.


Is the Commission aware of these facts? Does it intend to request information from the competent authorities in Spain? Does it consider that the exemption of the works from an environmental impact report is in compliance with Community law? What measures does it intend to take to ensure that Community law is observed?