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Parliamentary questions
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12 December 2006
by Umberto Pirilli (UEN)
to the Commission

 Subject: Safeguarding the production of essential oils
 Answer in writing 

The production of essential oils is of strategic importance in the preservation of traditional agricultural crops.

Some of these products, such as bergamot, are used to make the world's best perfumes and thereby help maintain standards of excellence that can only be achieved using European products.

The prospective inclusion of such products within the scope of REACH could make it impossible to maintain those standards and would also have severe repercussions for employment in the most disadvantaged areas of Europe.

In the light of the above, could the Commission indicate:

1. what measures it will take to ensure that it remains possible to use essential oils on the European market;
2. what specific rules it will propose to preserve these traditional crops;
3. what instructions it will give to the European Chemicals Agency with a view to its taking into account the special characteristics of these natural products and, consequently, setting the requirements for their inclusion in the first group of substances to be registered under the REACH Regulation?

Original language of question: ITOJ C 45, 16/02/2008
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