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Parliamentary questions
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30 April 2007
by Martin Schulz (PSE)
to the Council

 Subject: Situation of Polish former members of the International Brigades
 Answer in writing 

We have noted with great concern and indignation the draft law tabled by the majority government in Poland to withdraw the pensions of Polish former International Brigade volunteers, who defended the Spanish Republic. That draft law is symptomatic of a worrying political climate that has all the appearances of an out-and-out witch hunt, with Polish former members of the International Brigades frequently being described as traitors and criminals.

The adoption of such a law would also constitute historical revisionism and an insult to all those men and women who took up arms against fascism everywhere in Europe in the dark days which foreshadowed the worst confrontation in history. This offensive by the Polish majority government runs counter to our European values of reconciliation, peace and respect for democratic rights.

We would therefore like to know the Council's views on that draft law. Does it not consider that these practices strike at the fundamental principles and values of the European Union? Will it clearly express to the Polish authorities its disapproval of that draft law?

Original language of question: FROJ C 45, 16/02/2008
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