Parliamentary question - P-6441/2008(ASW)Parliamentary question

    Joint reply
    Written questions : P-6441/08 , P-6442/08


    The issue raised by the Honourable Members has not been referred to the Council.

    However, the Council wishes to point out that, in accordance with Article 6(2) of the TEU, the Union respects fundamental rights and that the European Union's operations are therefore conducted in compliance with the conventions on the protection of human rights and with international law, as stated in the various instruments approved by the Council and in the individual instructions (‘soldiers' cards’) distributed to all members of the force.

    Should certain soldiers deployed depart from these norms, the disciplinary and judicial action to be taken vis-à-vis those responsible for such acts falls within the competence of the Member States, which are all contracting parties to the conventions relating to human rights.

    OJ C 316, 23/12/2009