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Parliamentary questions
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23 April 2009
by Angelika Beer (Verts/ALE)
to the Commission

 Subject: Shortfall in human resources to manage the instrument for Stability (IfS)
 Answer in writing 

Despite the explicit remarks added against the relevant budget item (19 01 04 03) by Parliament during the 2009 budgetary procedure, the Commission is apparently refusing to recruit additional temporary staff at headquarters to manage the IfS. This refusal is, in my view, totally unacceptable and risks seriously compromising the implementation of the programme.

The Commission is well aware of the strategic importance which Parliament attaches to the Peace-building Partnership, and the IfS in general, as an instrument which contributes to building the capacity of state and non state actors to contribute to crisis preparedness and crisis response.

The IfS is a totally innovative instrument, one which allows the Commission to establish itself as a credible actor in the field of crisis management. Parliament has strongly supported the launch of this instrument and now expects it to deliver tangible results.

Can the Commission, in particular its DG BUDG and DG PERS, explain why it has not assigned to the IfS staff numbers commensurate with the funds and types of projects to be managed under the programme?
Could we remind the Commission that, since it is new, the IfS cannot be compared with other instruments which previously benefited from the support of Technical Assistance Offices (TAOs)?
Can the Commission reassure Parliament that it will take action to ensure that sufficient human resources are allocated to the IfS at Headquarters in order to make for the successful implementation of the programmes in question?
Moreover, can the Commission assure Parliament that it will retain, in the draft budget for 2010, the relevant remarks providing for the recruitment of temporary staff on a long-term basis?

 OJ C 189, 13/07/2010
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