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Parliamentary questions
4 January 2010
by Caroline Lucas (Verts/ALE)
to the Commission

 Subject: Definition of ‘long-lasting and cannot be ameliorated’ in relation to severity classification of scientific procedures on animals
 Answer in writing 

What does the Commission understand by the phrase ‘long-lasting and cannot be ameliorated’ (the upper threshold in the final report of the Expert Working Group on severity classification of scientific procedures on animals (July 2009))?

In particular, how long is long-lasting? Does the upper threshold mean that animal researchers must, by all possible ameliorative measures and appropriately intense monitoring, ensure that suffering is severe for no more than a few minutes at most and that, if that is not possible, the procedure cannot be authorised?

Can the Commission give an example of a procedure which would exceed the upper threshold (i.e. without applying any derogation)?

Can the Commission confirm that it would expect a derogation to the upper threshold to be applied only in extremely rare cases? If so, would it support the adoption in the revised directive of a safeguard clause with criteria similar to Article 50 of its proposals?

 OJ C 10 E, 14/01/2011
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