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Parliamentary questions
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7 December 2011
Question for written answer P-011672/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Daniel Hannan (ECR)

 Subject: Fraudulent elections in Croatia
 Answer in writing 

The Commission will be aware of the parliamentary elections announced for 4 December 2011 in Croatia. Since there is no Croatian state entity taking responsibility for the accuracy of voter lists in Croatia, observers have voiced their concerns. The same voter list will be used for conducting the EU referendum and there is a risk that the voter list could be manipulated in both the parliamentary elections and the EU referendum. An independent think tank in Croatia, the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy, has informed us about irregularities in previous elections in Croatia that have still not been addressed today.

1. The voter list in 2007 included 555 012 ineligible voters.

According to the Croatian State Election Commission, the voter list in 2007 totalled 4 402 045: 4 002 015 votes within Croatia and 400 030 diaspora votes. However, legitimate voters within Croatia numbered 3 447 003 (subtracting 990 457 individuals younger than 18 from the 2001 census figure of 4 437 460 citizens) The discrepancy of 555 012 has never been addressed (4 002 015 voted, with 3 447 003 being legitimate voters within Croatia).

2. Croatia’s Election Law is not being upheld. The difference between the number of voters in various electoral units exceeds the permissible 5 %, the highest being 24.5 %.

In a written official response dated 29 November 2007, the President of Croatia’s State Election Commission, Mr Branko Hrvatin, who is also the President of Croatia’s Supreme Court, declared a ‘lack of jurisdiction’ as regards verifying the voter list. His recent statement published in the Croatian media —‘I hope that the dead people will not vote this time around.’ — just confirms our fears about the lack of checks in Croatia's election process. According to the new census conducted in 2011, there were 4 290 612 inhabitants, including individuals younger than 18. The Commission will be aware of the widespread and unresolved allegations of corruption regarding management of the Croatian economy by the Croatian Government and its influence on Croatia’s judiciary.

What steps is the Commission taking in order to guarantee free and fair elections in Croatia?

Has the Commission addressed any of the concerns raised above with the relevant Croatian authorities?

Has the Commission requested an up-to-date voting list from the Croatian authorities for the upcoming elections?

 OJ C 180 E, 21/06/2012
Juridisks paziņojums - Privātuma politika