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Parliamentary question - P-000621/2012Parliamentary question

Provocation towards Greece in FYROM

Question for written answer P-000621/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Georgios Koumoutsakos (PPE)

Yesterday, the Greek Government was forced to take the serious step of protesting to the Government of FYROM, expressing its intense displeasure about incidents which took place several days ago at the carnival in the city of Vevčani. These incidents were unacceptable, provocative and offensive to Greece.

The main incident which led to a Member State making this serious gesture towards FYROM, a candidate for accession, was the burning of a Greek flag. In addition to the above, special emphasis must be laid on the fact that these unacceptable events occurred almost at the same time as negotiations under the auspices of the UN between Greece and FYROM restarted, after a long hiatus, with a view to reaching a solution to the issue of the name of this candidate country, in application of Decision 817/1993 of the UN Security Council.

In a view the above and in view of the European Parliament’s approval of the resolution on the progress of EU‑FYROM relations:

OJ C 75 E, 14/03/2013