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Parliamentary question - P-002220/2012(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Ms Malmström on behalf of the Commission

The Commission takes into account the views expressed at national as well as at European level of the value of data retention as a measure for providing criminal justice, including relevant case law. The Commission, as it stated in its evaluation report (COM(2011) 225 final), considers that the available evidence suggests that guaranteeing the availability of data through data retention is important, and often crucial for investigating and prosecuting serious crimes. However the Commission also takes the view that the current framework should be revised in order to better address a number of issues identified in the evaluation report. This has been confirmed in subsequent consultations with stakeholders. The Commission is therefore considering a number of options with the aim to ensure that data retention is supported and regulated at EU level in compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

OJ C 110 E, 17/04/2013