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Parliamentary question - P-005171/2012Parliamentary question

EU funding for the European Football Championship in Ukraine and the slaughter of stray dogs

Question for written answer P-005171/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Tiziano Motti (PPE)

The Commission’s answers to previous questions on stray animals in Europe and Ukraine all adopt the same line, which is that the EU has no competence regarding the management of stray animals. The groundswell of emotion that is rising among citizens, associations, ministers and MEPs who care about animals crosses political and national lines and it will not be appeased by an anodyne claim that the EU has no competence in the matter. With the knowledge that Article 13 of the Treaty of Lisbon describes animals as sentient beings, although the management of stray animals does not come within the ‘formulation and implementation of the Union’s policies’, and admitting the cruel treatment of stray animals as documented by many animal welfare associations not only in Ukraine but also in EU Member States such as Romania, Spain and Italy, could the Commission answer the following questions:

OJ C 254 E, 04/09/2013