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Parliamentary question - P-004508/2013Parliamentary question

    Illegal exports of Baltic salmon caught by Swedish fishermen to France

    Question for written answer P-004508-13
    to the Commission
    Rule 117
    Isabella Lövin (Verts/ALE)

    Within a period of just over two years (2011‐2012), an undertaking in Karlskrona, Sweden, sold more than 105 tons of Baltic salmon to France (press release of 16 April 2013 from the Swedish National Food Agency). The commune of Karlskrona reported the undertaking to the police after the commune’s environmental department had discovered the exports to France. Salmon from the Baltic contains such high levels of pollutants that its sale is prohibited in all EU Member States except Sweden, Finland and Latvia.

    It is surprising that this was able to continue without any intervention by the authorities, particularly as the Swedish Angling and Fish Conservation Association had informed the Swedish Government about the salmon exports a full two years ago.

    In 2012 the Swedish Government was granted a permanent derogation from the limit value for dioxin in fish. Before the government decided whether or not to apply for the derogation, the National Food Agency had written a report which concluded that from the point of view of public health it would be better to retain the EU limit value in Sweden as well, since the dietary recommendation to limit consumption of oily fish from the Baltic was not getting through to the public sufficiently. However, the Swedish Government did not forward this report to the Commission when applying for the permanent derogation from the limit values.

    1. It has emerged that 105 tons of Baltic salmon has been illegally exported from Sweden to France. What action will the Commission take in response to this?

    2. In view of the illegal salmon exports, will the Commission review the decision to grant Sweden a permanent derogation from the limit values?

    3. What view does the Commission take of the fact that the Swedish Government did not inform it about the National Food Agency’s report containing dietary advice on Baltic salmon when Sweden applied for a derogation from the limit values?

    OJ C 33 E, 05/02/2014