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Parliamentary question - P-012766/2013Parliamentary question

Serious human rights violations at Greece's external borders

Question for written answer P-012766-13
to the Commission
Rule 117
Franziska Keller (Verts/ALE)

In its report ‘Pushed Back’, the nongovernmental organisation ProAsyl describes serious human rights violations at the border between Greece and Turkey and in the Aegean. According to the report, people seeking protection in Europe are systematically and brutally prevented from entering Greek territory. Refugees are beaten by Greek forces, re-exposed to the elements in unseaworthy boats on the high seas; money, mobile telephones and identity documents are taken from them. The Greek forces do not check whether people need protection. Nearly all these human rights violations have been committed within the operating area of Frontex.

Does the Commission consider that Frontex should put an end to the operation at the border between Greece and Turkey and in the Aegean?

Is Frontex considering suspending or terminating the operation because of serious human rights violations as referred to in Article 3(1) of the Frontex Regulation? If so, when can a decision by the Executive Director be expected?

The Frontex Regulation stipulates that the home Member State of border guards must take appropriate disciplinary measures if they violate fundamental rights or international protection obligations. Has Greece taken such measures? If so, in how many cases has it done so since the beginning of the year?

What will the Commission do to prevent Greece from — evidently — systematically breaching human rights and the rights of refugees, and how will the Commission check that no EU funds — for example from the External Borders Fund — are used to commit such breaches?

OJ C 228, 17/07/2014