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Parliamentary question - P-006180/2015Parliamentary question

Written questions

Question for written answer P-006180-15
to the Commission
Rule 130
Vladimír Maňka (S&D)

The number of written questions submitted by MEPs to the Commission is constantly on the rise — nearly 1 700 questions were tabled in February alone.

The flood of written questions must be a huge burden on the Commission. As shadow rapporteur on the 2016 EU budget, I have managed to persuade the main political groups to reach a consensus on the matter. We agreed that MEPs should send the Commission fewer questions, as many are being written for purposes other than that of solving real problems. MEPs should be able to focus on their principal task — legislative work — without being distracted by the skewed assessment of their work presented on various websites, which are used by the media to collect data on MEPs' performance and misrepresent what they do.

To help me resolve this issue, can the Commission say: