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Parliamentary question - P-000636/2016Parliamentary question

Outbreak of the deadly ‘California flu’ in Ukraine

Question for written answer P-000636-16
to the Commission
Rule 130
Eleftherios Synadinos (NI)

According to an online publication[1] and other information, at least 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and 200 are still hospitalised after the accidental leak of the ‘California flu’ virus from an American laboratory near Kharkov in eastern Ukraine.

The spread of this dangerous virus has been confirmed by the deputy commander of the army of the Donetsk People's Republic, Lieutenant Colonel Eduard Basurin, who said: ‘According to the Ukrainian army medical corps, there is an epidemic among military personnel. According to medical staff, the virus first causes a sudden fever that cannot be treated even with antibiotics and death occurs two days later. So far 20 soldiers have died from this unknown virus and an attempt is being made to cover up the whole thing.’

By 22 January the virus had spread further and was out of control: ‘We continue to record an epidemic of a new incurable strain of flu in the ranks of the Ukrainian army,’ said Donetsk information office.

In light of the above, will the Commission say: