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Parliamentary question - P-002051/2018Parliamentary question

Combating terrorism

Question for written answer P-002051-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Geoffroy Didier (PPE)

If we want to prevent further Islamist attacks in Europe we need to be proactive. Since most of these terrorists are using the Internet to radicalise new recruits in Europe, it is vital that big international companies like Google, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter accept their responsibility.

Over the last two years, the Commission has established a code of good conduct and a series of recommendations, which are steps in the right direction. Nevertheless, this scourge is far from being eradicated and further measures must be taken without delay.

We must demand, by means of binding legislation, that big companies and platforms design totally effective detection software so that they can immediately delete all jihadist messages, images or videos posted on their networks. Such software could be made available to smaller platforms.

Failure to comply with this new legislation should incur a financially dissuasive penalty equivalent to a percentage of turnover.

Will the Commission bring forward legislation in this area before the end of the parliamentary term?

Last updated: 12 April 2018
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