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Parliamentary question - P-001212/2019Parliamentary question

    Independence from sponsors of the EU Council Presidency

    Question for written answer P-001212-19
    to the Council
    Rule 130
    Younous Omarjee (GUE/NGL)

    A consumer protection NGO has written to the President of the European Council concerning the problematic issue of the current Romanian EU Council Presidency having the multinational Coca‐Cola as a partner.

    The Council Presidency plays a key role in organising the Council’s work and especially in driving the legislative and political process. It is responsible for organising and chairing meetings, including those of its many working parties, and for reaching compromises.

    Since adopting the work programme and seeking to establish compromises involves making political choices, the fact that the Presidency’s official activities are being financed by private companies may be seen as constituting a clear conflict of interests.

    1. Can the Council certify that the official partners financing the Presidency’s activities exert no influence over the political choices made by the EU Council Presidency?

    2. Can the government which is running the Presidency publish details of the partnership agreements signed with each official partner?

    3. Does the Council plan to restrict the practice of partnerships with multinationals so as to completely eliminate the risk of a conflict of interests in decision-making by the rotating presidency of the Council?

    Last updated: 14 March 2019
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