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Parliamentary questions
PDF 44kWORD 10k
26 October 2020
Priority question for written answer P-005780/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Jean-Lin Lacapelle (ID), Jean-Paul Garraud (ID), Julie Lechanteux (ID), Gilles Lebreton (ID), Aurelia Beigneux (ID), Jérôme Rivière (ID), Annika Bruna (ID), Herve Juvin (ID), Hélène Laporte (ID), France Jamet (ID), Catherine Griset (ID), André Rougé (ID), Virginie Joron (ID)
 Answer in writing 
 Subject: Commission’s position on the restructuring of EDF

A document by the Agence des participations de l’État – the French State Holdings Agency – summarising the positions of the Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition on the planned restructuring of EDF, the leading French energy supplier, has been leaked to the press(1). This document describes the Commission’s requirements as being a genuine first step towards dismantling and privatising the group.

Firstly, the Commission would apparently like to see the privatisation of EDF’s most profitable subsidiaries (renewable energy and distribution), while leaving the strategic but highly loss-making nuclear part of the group to the state. It apparently considers that the subsidies granted to the nuclear sector give an undue economic advantage to the other subsidiaries.

Secondly, in the name of opening up to competition, the Commission would like ‘a holding company with no operational role or control over its subsidiaries’, thus preventing the state from governing EDF’s subsidiaries.

1. Can the Commission confirm the accuracy of this information?

2. If so, in its opinion, what economic advantages does the state’s financial support to the nuclear sector give to the other EDF subsidiaries?

3. Does it not think the proposed measures will lead to a worsening of France’s public accounts and to a weakening of the subsidiaries of the group that were previously ‘advantaged’?


(1)Agence des participations de l’État, Régulation économique du parc nucléaire existant: Schéma Hercule et garanties de gouvernance apportées, 6 May 2020, not published – see, for example https://reporterre.net/IMG/pdf/edf_hercule_-_2020_05_06_-_ape.pdf
(2)This question is supported by a Member other than the authors: Thierry Mariani (ID)
Original language of question: FR
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