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Parliamentary question - P-001326/2021Parliamentary question

Banning octocrylene and benzophenone in sunscreen creams and day creams

Priority question for written answer  P-001326/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Annika Bruna (ID)

A study by the CNRS, France’s national scientific research centre, and Sorbonne University has just demonstrated that octocrylene, an ingredient used in sunscreen creams and day creams to protect skin from the sun, degrades over time and then generates benzophenone.

Benzophenone is mutagenic and an endocrine disruptor that can pass through the skin. It may cause cancers, notably cancers of the liver, but also dermatitis. It can also affect thyroid function and disrupt the development of reproductive organs.

The study, conducted using creams that consumers use regularly, concludes that products containing octocrylene and benzophenone should be banned.

My questions to the Commission are as follows:

Last updated: 11 March 2021
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