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Parliamentary questions
PDF 41kWORD 10k
29 April 2021
Priority question for written answer  P-002336/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Tomas Tobé (PPE)
 Subject: Conflicting objectives in the EU return policy and national legislation on asylum and migration

The Commission’s strategy on voluntary return and reintegration(1) refers to the need for a more effective operational framework, based on the regulation on asylum and migration management(2).

Under the regulation, the Union and the Member States are responsible for taking action, such as the effective management of the return of third-country nationals staying illegally in Member States(3).

The Swedish National Audit Office(4), the Swedish Migration Agency(5) and the Migration Studies Delegation(6) have pointed out conflicting objectives in Swedish legislation (the ‘change of tracks’ (i.e. changing from one legal status to another), the General Upper Secondary Schools Act and decisions on amnesty) that make voluntary return more difficult.

1. Does the Commission take the view that Swedish legislation is in line with the intention set out in the EU’s strategy on voluntary return?

2. How will the Commission ensure that national legislation is in line with the European strategy for asylum and migration management?

(1)COM(2021) 120 final
(2)COM(2020) 610 final
(3)See Article 3(j) and Article 4(2) of the regulation on asylum and migration management
(4)Swedish National Audit Office, Return activities – results, costs and effectiveness, RiR 2020:7, https://www.riksrevisionen.se/download/18.5d5ae8ba1719cea8d54201f5/1587724368888/RiR%202020_07%20ENG.pdf
(5)Swedish Migration Agency, Report on assignment 3.6 in the Swedish Migration Agency’s letter of appropriation – Voluntary return. https://www.migrationsverket.se/download/18.6f22e3491708b85db6e290a/1600786652218/
(6)Migration Studies Delegation, Those who cannot stay: Implementing return policy in Sweden, 2020:1, https://www.delmi.se/en/publications/report-and-pb-2020-1-those-who-cannot-stay-implementing-return-policy-in-sweden/
Original language of question: SV
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