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Parliamentary question - P-000174/2022Parliamentary question

    Merger of Polish oil companies PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos

    Priority question for written answer  P-000174/2022
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Elżbieta Katarzyna Łukacijewska (PPE)

    On 14 July 2020, the Commission issued a conditional positive decision on a merger (Case M.9014) in which Grupa Lotos would be taken over by PKN Orlen pursuant to Article 3(1)(b) of Regulation 139/2004. On 12 May 2021, the Polish Ministry of State Assets (MAP) announced its intention to merge PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos, which implies a change in the structure of the transaction compared to the original application to the Commission. This means that, once the merger is completed, Grupa Lotos shareholders will acquire new shares in the increased share capital of PKN Orlen and become shareholders of that company.

    In the light of the above:

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