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Parliamentary question - P-002331/2022Parliamentary question

    Direct access for the US to biometric databases in the EU


    Priority question for written answer  P-002331/2022
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Sophia in 't Veld (Renew)

    In February 2022, the US Government sent a letter to the EU Member States and the Commission demanding direct access to biometric police databases in the EU, with the aim of facilitating the identification of individuals for the purpose of US immigration controls. By 2027, this will become mandatory under the US Visa Waiver Program, which allows EU citizens visa‑free entry into the US for 90 days. If Member States refuse to grant direct access to these databases with facial images and fingerprints, their citizens will be banned from travelling without a visa[1]. The US has frequently used the Visa Waiver Program to blackmail the EU into adopting certain policies.

    Against this backdrop, I would like to ask the Commission the following questions:

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