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Parliamentary question - P-002815/2022Parliamentary question

Further tragedy on the border between Greece and Turkey - body of five-year-old girl remains unburied

Priority question for written answer  P-002815/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Stelios Kouloglou (The Left), Konstantinos Arvanitis (The Left)

With 40 asylum-seekers stranded on an islet in the River Evros on the border between Greece and Turkey, the Greek police are claiming that they are on Turkish territory and are refusing to provide assistance, while the Turkish police are maintaining the contrary[1].

The refugees attempted to enter Greece on 14 July but were repelled by the Greek authorities and left hemmed in on the islet. On 26 July, they sought to re-enter Turkey, where they were imprisoned, beaten and forced to return.

The mother of a five-year-old girl who died from a scorpion bite is keeping her body in the river in an attempt to slow down the decaying process. A nine-year-old girl is in a critical situation. The group also includes three pregnant women and several people in need of urgent medical assistance. The UN High Commissioner has also issued an appeal[2].

Cries of distress can be heard coming from the island (video)[3].

In the view of this:

Last updated: 18 August 2022
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