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Parliamentary question - P-003748/2022Parliamentary question

    ‘Avviso 22’ project and ESF facilitating the labour exploitation of young Sicilians


    Priority question for written answer  P-003748/2022
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Ignazio Corrao (Verts/ALE)

    The ‘Avviso 22’ project, run by the Region of Sicily and financed as of 2018 by the 2014–2020 European Social Fund (ESF) to the tune of EUR 30 million, aimed to help people take their first career steps and eventually land a job.

    The 1 700 young Sicilians selected as beneficiaries of the measure were taken on as trainees in private companies by means of support from the ESF. However, according to the report by the Director-General of the Regional Department of Labour, only 170 of them – around 10 % – were hired at the end of their traineeship.

    This is because, in addition to this zero-cost scheme, employers indiscriminately have access many other similar programmes (Youth Guarantee 2, Avviso 33, NRRP), and there is no coordination between them. EU funds for youth employment are thus being used in Sicily by companies to continue operating at zero cost, effectively facilitating labour exploitation.

    What is more, the grants (EUR 500 per month) were not paid until many months after the traineeship, and around 300 people are still waiting to receive the full amount.

    In view of the above:

    Submitted: 17.11.2022

    Last updated: 22 November 2022
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