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Parliamentary question - P-001583/2023Parliamentary question

Support for the resolution of the ‘European Moldova’Assembly

Priority question for written answer  P-001583/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Victor Negrescu (S&D)

Today, tens of thousands of Moldovans adopted the resolution of the ‘European Moldova’ Assembly at the Great National Assembly held in Chișinău, thereby sending out a strong pro-European message. The seven paragraphs of the resolution concern the Republic of Moldova’s path to EU accession, from the amendment of the constitution to the transposition of EU legislation, with the support of Romania, and from the investment needed for the development of the country to the urgent opening of negotiations on EU accession.

The people of Moldova therefore need a strong and immediate message of support from the EU institutions. What is the Commission’s position on the resolution adopted in Chișinău, and what steps will it take to provide support to the Republic of Moldova in order to speed up the EU accession process?

Submitted: 21.5.2023

Last updated: 24 May 2023
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