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Parliamentary question - P-002411/2023Parliamentary question

UK access to Euphemia electricity trading scheme

Priority question for written answer  P-002411/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Billy Kelleher (Renew)

Most electricity bought and sold on the wholesale electricity market in Ireland is traded in what is called the day-ahead market, where generators bid to supply electricity at various times up to 24 hours before it is to be delivered.

All day-ahead trading in Europe is coordinated using a Europe-wide scheduling algorithm called Euphemia. When the UK left the EU it was automatically excluded from Euphemia and it now cannot access the scheduling system or enter this market. While it still has limited access to the intraday market, this is not an ideal scenario.

The trading countries that have interconnectors with the UK are Ireland, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

With this in mind,


Last updated: 10 August 2023
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