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Tuesday 24  April  2012, ,  9.00 – 12.30  and 15.00 – 18.30


Room  ASP  A3G-3


  1. Adoption of draft agenda  (1)  PE 487.759

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Approval of minutes of the meetings of:

  -  27 - 28  February  2012

PV– PE 483.861

FdR 895087

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()   In accordance with the committee’s decision of 30 September 1997, on the basis of working document PE 223.544, items in sections B of the draft agenda will not be discussed during the current meeting. However any member may ask before the end of the meeting for an item in section B to be moved to section A; it will then be automatically included in section A for discussion at a subsequent meeting.


In the presence of the European Commission


*** Voting time ***



Opinion on "20 main concerns of European citizens and businesses with the functioning of the Single Market"  (IMCO)


Rapporteur :  BUSUTTIL  (EPP)

- consideration of amendments

- adoption of a draft opinion

  PA– PE 483.750v02

  FdR 896.103



  AM– PE 486.131

  FdR 897498




Opinion on the implementation of EU water legislation, ahead of a necessary overall approach to European water challenges  (2011/2297(INI) - ENVI)

Rapporteur :  CHOUNTIS  (GUE)

- consideration of amendments

- adoption of a draft opinion

  PA– PE 480,836

  FdR 891245



  AM– PE 486.133

  FdR 897504


*** End of voting ***






Annual Report on the activities of the Committee on Petitions 2011(Rule 202(8))  2011/2317(INI))

Rapporteur :  CHICHESTER  (ECR)

- consideration of a draft report

  PR– PE 483.811

  FdR 894682




Opinion on the Law of Administrative Procedure of the European Union

(2012/2024(INI))  (for JURI)

Rapporteur :  AUKEN  (GREENS/ALE)

(deadline for AM : 2.05.2012  /  vote : 19.06.2012)

- consideration of a draft opinion

  PA– PE 486.110

  FdR 897391




Opinion on the European Union Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015

(2012/2043(INI))   (for AGRI)

Rapporteur :  BOSTINARU  (S-D)

(deadline for AM : 19.04.2012 at 12h.  /  vote : 8.05.2012)

- consideration of a draft opinion

  PA– PE 486.080

  FdR 897107





A.  Petitions for discussion in committee on the basis of the Commission's written reply or other documents received


Animal Welfare



Petition 1613/2010 by Rosa Letamendia Perez de San Román (Spanish), on behalf of the "Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alava Vicky Moore", on the illegal export of stray dogs and cats from Spain

  CM– PE 469.921

  FdR 874149



Petition  825/2011 by M. R. (Italian), on the protection of pet animals in Spain


Petition 1321/2011 by Massimo Pradella (Italian), on behalf of the ‘International Organisation for Animal Protection’, bearing 112 683 signatures, on the establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of homeless and stray animals

(in the presence of the petitioner)

  CM– PE 483.587

  FdR 892907





Petition  595/2011 by Kendra Pinder (British), on alleged mistreatment of animals in Romania


Petition 1234/2011 by Marja Kokkonen (Finnish), on the ill-treatment of dogs and cats in Barlad, Romania

  CM– PE 483.570

  FdR 892890





Petition 1274/2011 by Rumi Becker (German), on behalf of "Ärzte für Tiere e.V." (Dogs 4 Dogs European Network), and 157 456 co-signatories, on the establishment of a European legal framework for the protection of homeless and stray animals

(in the presence of the petitioner)




from  11h30  to  12h30  (in camera)



Coordinators' meeting


* * *






at 15 h.



Chairman's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions







Petition  886/2011 by Vesko Dimov (Bulgarian), bearing 8 000 signatures, on the risks associated with shale gas exploration and extraction

(in the presence of the petitioner)


Petition 1378/2011 by Piotr Urbanowicz (Polish), on extraction of shale gas in Poland

  CM– PE 485.986

  FdR 896429










Petition  358/2011 by Tomasz Snarski (Polish), on the amendment of the Lithuanian Education Act and the resulting limitation of the school subjects taught in Polish

(in the presence of the petitioner)


Petition  942/2011 by Józef Sloma Sadowski (Polish), for the association ‘Viribus Unitis LGD’, and three co-signatories, on the amendment of the Lithuanian Education Act and the consequent breach of Council Directive 2000/43/EC implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin

  CM– PE 478.561

  FdR 888426






Petition 660/2011 by Anna Spyra (Polish), on common European standards for preventive and treatment initiatives concerning pregnancy and childbirth

(in the presence of the petitioner)

  CM– PE 478,597

  FdR 887648





Opinion on Establishing the Rights and Citizenship Programme 2014 - 2020 (COD 2011/0344)

Rapporteur :  VALEAN  (ALDE)

- 1st exchange of views



Fact-finding Visits



Report on the Fact-finding visit to  Berlin  (23 - 24.11.2011)

- consideration




Report on the Fact-finding visit to  Romania  (23 - 26.11.2011)

- approval

  DT– 483.803

  FdR 894656


B.  Petitions which it is proposed to close in the light of the Commission's written reply or other documents received




Petition 995/2002 by Mr Stylianos Zambetakis (Greek), on behalf of the Association of Passenger Ship Owners in Greece, on the implementation in Greece of Council Regulation (EEC) No 3577/92 on maritime cabotage


Petition 1821/2009 by Themistoklis Papatheofanous (Greek), on behalf of the Chambers Group for the Development of Greek Isles (EOAEN), on problems with transportation of passengers and goods to and from the Greek islands


  PE 339,437/REV. VI

  FdR 892924



Petition 0613/2007 by Robert Houliston  (British), bearing 5 signatures, on obstacles to the right of EU citizens to vote and stand as candidates at municipal and European elections in Spain

  CM– PE 407.957/REV

  FdR 853653



Petition 1328/2007 by Zsak Ferenc Tibor (Hungarian), on protection of environment in Hungary


  PE 414,053/REV. VI

  FdR 892836



N°  1062/2008by the  Initiative Committee ‘Veliko Turnovo for the Forest’ (Bulgarian), and 879 co-signatories, on the Bulgarian authorities’ failure to enforce Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora in connection with construction activities in a Natura 2000 area in central Bulgaria

  CM– PE 456,728

  FdR 853705



Petition 1351/2008 by Mr Peter Hudson (British), on the discriminatory treatment of the Roma population in Italy

  CM– PE 428.044

  FdR 789437



Petition 1885/2008 by Viniczay Tibor (Hungarian), on behalf of the Szentgotthard municipal authorities, concerning the siting of a waste incineration plant in Lafnitztal, Austria

  CM– PE 428.078/REV

  FdR 834713



Petition 0006/2009 by Jean Marie Taga Fosso (French) concerning discrimination based on nationality regarding the refusal of the British authorities to recognise his French degree in pharmacy,


Petition 1413/2009 by AE (Spanish), on alleged discrimination on the basis of nationality in relation to the access to the pharmacist profession in the United Kingdom,


Petition 1812/2009 by José Antonio Melgarejo Melgarejo (Spanish), on those seeking to work as pharmacists in the United Kingdom who have qualifications from other Member States,


Petition 0479/2011 by Obi Aso (Hungarian), on limitations on working as a pharmacist in the United Kingdom


  PE 427.081/REV. IV

  FdR 894439



Petition 0754/2009 by I.A. (Romanian) on massive deforestation of the Carpathian Mountains (Romania)


  PE 454,585/REV

  FdR 892839



Petition 1788/2009 by M.T. (Bulgarian), on an asphalt factory in Sevlievo in Bulgaria


Petition 0634/2010 by Momchil Minchev, Bulgarian, on behalf of the Citizens' association 'Sevlievo for All' on the construction of an asphalt plant in the Natura 2000 region of Vidima in the vicinity of the town of Sevlievo in Bulgaria and the associated infringements of EU environmental provisions


  PE 445.615/REV. II

  FdR 887583



Petition 0129/2010 by Walter Bauer (German), on visa costs and compliance by the German authorities with the relevant agreements


  PE 448,724/REV

  FdR 892840



Petition 0529/2010 by Alexander Nenchev (Bulgarian), on the Italian authorities' failure to implement Council Directive 2004/80/EC relating to compensation to crime victims

  CM– PE 469,898/REV

FdR 892844



Petition 0530/2010 by Bernard Bailly (French), on behalf of the environmental organisation 'Santé, Environnement, Vie, Eau en Morgan', on the French authorities' failure to implement Council Directive 2001/88/EC amending Directive 91/630/EC laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs

  CM– PE 456.750/REV

  FdR 882134



Petition 1080/2010 by Ylko Yordanov Dimov (Bulgarian), on the Italian legal authorities’ failure to uphold EU principles on legal certainty for persons suspected, charged or prosecuted

  CM– PE 460,733/REV

  FdR 892846



Petition 1280/2010 by C.V. (Romanian), on obstruction by the Romanian authorities of the free movement of goods

  CM– PE 462,693/REV

  FdR 892849



Petition 1384/2010 by Dieter Schlemann (German), on behalf of the firm of LTB Schlemann GmbH, on failure by the European Air Safety Agency (EASA) to act on breaches of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1702/2003 laying down implementing rules for the airworthiness and environmental certification of aircraft and related products, parts and appliances, as well as for the certification of design and production organisations

  CM– PE 483,558

  FdR 892851



Petition 0103/2011 by Georg Götz (German), on alleged discrimination and breaches by the Dutch government and Dutch businesses of EU citizens’ right to move and reside freely

  CM– PE 483,559

  FdR 892852



Petition 0248/2011 by Ryszard Czarnecki (Polish), and one co-signatory, on the incompatibility of the new Polish electoral law with Directive 2010/13/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provision of audiovisual media services

  CM– PE 469.946

  FdR 874175



Petition 0270/2011 by Roman Wilczyński  (Polish), on the Polish authorities’ failure to comply with Council Directive 85/337/EEC on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment and Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora, in connection with a planned motorway in southern Poland

  CM– PE 473.761

  FdR 879036



Petition 0435/2011 by Jean Pierre Billet & Marie Claude Virama (French), on behalf of Association de Défense des Victimes de Nuisance dans leur Environment, bearing 3 signatures, on alleged breach of EU legislation by the establishment of a heliport in Saint-Gilles, Réunion

  CM– PE 483,563

  FdR 892883



Petition 0453/2011 by Athanassios-Miltiadis Kokkinos (Greek), on the situation in the euro area and the failure of the European Central Bank (ECB) to impose loan obligations





Petition 0460/2011 by M. T. (Romanian), on alleged violation of privacy when buying transport tickets from the transport company RATB in Romania

  CM– PE 483,564

  FdR 892884



Petition 0539/2011 by Lorenzo Mengoli (Italian), on behalf of Associazione Aster, on damage to agriculture caused by ungulates and other wild animals in the Emilia Romagna region (Italy)

  CM– PE 483,567

  FdR 892887



Petition 0569/2011 by R. K. (Greek), on the unexplained refusal of the Greek consul in Serbia to grant him a visa for Greece

  CM– PE 483,568

  FdR 892888



Petition 0586/2011 by Gennaro Sepe (Italian), on trade discrimination and unfair competition resulting from failure by the Italian authorities to apply Directive 123/2006/EC and the associated Legislative Decree 59/2010

  CM– PE 483,569

  FdR 892889



Petition 0616/2011 by Armin Jäger (German), on the lack of transparency of the rating process and models in the financial markets

  CM– PE 483,571

  FdR 892891



Petition 0639/2011 by Reinhard Forst (German), on behalf of Botanische Vereinigung für Naturschutz in Hessen, on a Commission Opinion for an exception to Directive 92/43/EEC (Habitats) to build motorway A49, based on erroneous information

  CM– PE 483,572

  FdR 892892



Petition 0698/2011 by R.A.P. (Maltese), on the transport of cars by ferry between Malta and Gozo

  CM– PE 483,575

  FdR 892895



Petition 0720/2011 by Siegfried Schäfer (German), on the ban on carrying liquids in hand luggage on flights

  CM– PE 483,578

  FdR 892898



Petition 0752/2011 by Patrick Cottez (French), on the alignment of highway codes in the EU

  CM– PE 483,579

  FdR 892899



Petition 0766/2011 by Walter Heinz Greiner (German), on better labelling – sell-by date and minimum capacity – of batteries

  CM– PE 483,580

  FdR 892900



Petition 0780/2011 Igor Herzog (German), on the recognition of qualifications of dentists in Germany

  CM– PE 483,584

  FdR 892904



Petition 0812/2011 by Silvia Beltran Pallares (Spanish), on behalf of Plataforma Europea de los Consumadores y del Medio Ambiente, on bee mortality in the European Union

  CM– PE 483,585

  FdR 892905



Petition 0827/2011 by Gerhard Pollheide & Anita Brandt (German), with 2 signatures, on alleged infringement of Regulation 44/2001/EC on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters

  CM– PE 483,588

  FdR 892908



Petition 0830/2011 by Polikarpos Markaras (Greek), on the environmental destruction of the 'Pedio tou Areos' green area in Athens

  CM– PE 483,589

  FdR 892909



Petition 0843/2011 by Alessandro Michelucci (Italian), on electronic surveillance systems,


Petition 0943/2011 by Alessandro Michelucci (Italian), on behalf of the Gothic Party, on recognition as a professional group of people working in IT

  CM– PE 483,591

  FdR 892911



Petition 0846/2011 by Giuseppe Giacomini, Stefano Cresta and Sergio Maradei (Italian), on behalf of Assoutenti, on the correct labelling of alcoholic drinks

  CM– PE 483,592

  FdR 892912



Petition 0866/2011, by Peter Mohr (German), on non-recognition of his German disabled permit in Belgium

  CM– PE 483,593

  FdR 892913



Petition 0876/2011 by Dennis von Heimburg (German), on behalf of the Vereinigung der Deutschen Ästhetisch-Plastischen Chirurgen, on VAT on plastic surgery

  CM– PE 483,594

  FdR 892914



Petition 0880/2011 by Petar Trojanski Penchev (Bulgarian), on behalf of of the ‘Facebook group supporting the courageous police officer from the Bulgarian Interior Ministry’, on the Bulgarian police officer Konstantin Ivanov’s statements on corruption within the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior

  CM– PE 483,595

  FdR 892915



Petition 0893/2011 by Ioan Stan (Romanian), bearing 10 signatures, on a building that is not fit for habitation in the town of Jimbolia (Timiş County)

  CM– PE 483,596

  FdR 892916



Petition 0901/2011 by Spiridon Zouridakis (Greek), on behalf of the association ‘Sillogos Trochalou’, on the absence of a waste water treatment plant and the consequent pollution of the coastline in Southern Crete

  CM– PE 483,597

  FdR 892917



Petition 0931/2011 by O.K. (Polish), on failure of the Polish authorities to recognise Russian dental training

  CM– PE 483,599

  FdR 892919



Petition 0952/2011 by Zofia Kalasa (Polish), on the situation in the eastern Polish town of Mordy

  CM– PE 483,600

  FdR 892920



Petition 0991/2011 by Svilen Radev (Bulgarian), on the Bulgarian authorities’ failure to implement Commission Regulation (EC) No 796/2004 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of cross-compliance, modulation and the integrated administration and control system

  CM– PE 483,603

  FdR 892923


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  1.   Date and place of next meeting
  • 8  May  2012  9.00 – 12.30  and  15.00 – 18.30