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<Commission>{PETI}Committee on Petitions</Commission>


<TitreType>DRAFT AGENDA</TitreType>


Wednesday 24 February 2021, 9.00 – 12.00, 13.45-15.45 and 16.45 – 18.45

and Thursday 25 February 2021, 13.45-15.45


by remote connection (via Room Paul-Henri Spaak 1A2)


Wednesday 24 February 2021, 9.00-12.00


at 9.00


  1. Adoption of draft agenda[1] OJ– PE 681.061

 FdR 1224809



Approval of minutes of the meeting of:

  •  26 January 2021

 PV– PE 680.747

 FdR 1223274


  1. Chair's announcements


In the presence of the European Commission


A. Petitions for discussion in committee on the basis of the Commission's written reply or other documents received


Great carnivores



Petition No 1188/2019 by Csaba Borboly (Romanian), bearing 4 signatures, on the management of the brown bears in Romania


 CM– PE 653,737

 FdR 1206961



Petition 1214/2019by F.I. (Romanian) on the protection of the brown bear in Romania

 CM– PE 653,739

 FdR 1206963



Petition 0685/2020 by Gabriela Fletan (Romanian) on the management of the wild bear population in the Jiu Valley, Romania


 CM– PE 663,328

 FdR 1222666




Petition 1055/2019 by Johannes Schmuckenschlager (Austrian), on behalf of the Land Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Austria, signed by 58 473 other individuals, on revising Article 16 of Directive 92/43 with regard to wolf populations

(in the presence of the petitioner by remote connection)


 CM– PE 653,732

 FdR 1206956



Petition No 0827/2020 by Eduard Köck (Austrian), bearing 5 signatures, on the regulation of the wolf population in the European Union



 FDR 1224582


Petition No 0074/2020 by Josef Hechenberger (Austrian), on behalf of the Tyrol Chamber of Agriculture, on the protected status of the wolf

(in the presence of the petitioner by remote connection)


 CM–PE 658,746

 FdR 1214362





Petition 0152/2017 by Marco Giovannelli (Italian) on behalf of Save our Wolves International, bearing 170.000 signatures, on the protection of the Italian wolf

(in the presence of the petitioner by remote connection)

 CM– PE 613,350

 FdR 1138778





Petition 0057/2017 by Sari Kantinkoski (Finnish) on behalf of the Tapiola Nature Conservation Union, on speeding up the complaint addressed to the Commission regarding the protection of the wolf (Canis Lupus) in Finland


 CM– PE 625,323

 FdR 1157976





at 10:30 (in camera)



Coordinators' meeting



Wednesday 24 February 2021, 13.45-15.45


at 13.45



Chair's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions




Environment- Human rights



Petition No 0745/2019 M.R. (German), on behalf of 340 organisations, on the EU-Mercosur free-trade agreement, and in particular the case of Brazil

(in the presence of the petitioner by remote connection)

 CM– PE 650,337

 FdR 1202132



Environment - deforestation




Petition 0792/2019 by Koben Sprengers (Belgian) on the need for the EU to ban imports of meat and soybeans from Brazil


Petition 0814/2019 by F.C. (Italian) on the suspension of trade relations with South American countries responsible for deforestation in Amazonia


 CM– PE 657,136

 FdR 1212159








Petition  1118/2020 by Marco Nervi (Italian), on behalf of Pier Luigi Nervi Research and Knowledge Management Project, bearing 2 signatures, on the alleged violation of EU law by Article 55-bis of the Italian decree-law n. 76 of 16 July 2020

(in the presence of the petitioner by remote connection)





Wednesday 24 February 2021, 16.45-18.45


At 16.45


Internal Market



Petition No 0940/2020 by D.A. (Polish), on behalf of Aterima Group, on alleged barriers to cross-border trade by a Polish law company

(in the presence of the petitioner by remote connection)









Petition No 1008/2020 by D.N. (Polish) on the breakdown of Czajka and the pollution of the Vistula River near Wloclawek






Animal Welfare



Petition n. 0314/2020 by S.H. (German) on transport of live animals


 CM– PE 657,104

 FdR 1212125



Petition No 0550/2019 by S.H. (German) on the transportation of live animals within the EU and in third countries


 CM– PE 584,042

 FdR 1199258



Petition No 1231/2017 by G. G. (Italian), on behalf of The Animal Welfare Foundation, bearing 4 signatures, on the export of living animals from the EU to third countries

(in the presence of the petitioner by remote connection)


 CM– PE 584,042

 FdR 1199258


Petition 0870/2019 by A.D. (Lithuanian) on the transport of live animals under conditions not respecting the animal welfare standards provided in EU-legislation


 CM– PE 650,427

 FdR 1202830



Thursday 25 February 2021, 13.45-15.45


at 13.45



Presentation of the Study on “The environmental impacts of plastics and micro-plastics use, waste and pollution: EU and national measures”

commissioned by Policy Department C for the Committee on Petitions

By João Pinto da Costa, Department of Chemistry and CESAM, University of Aveiro, Portugal




from 14.15 to 15.45



Public Hearing on

‘Plastics and waste management in the circular economy’

organised by the Committee on Petitions (PETI) and

the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)


(see separate draft programme)




* * *


  1. Any other business



  1. Date and place of next meeting
  •    22.03.2021 13:45 – 16.15 and 16.45 – 18.45, Brussels
  •    23.03.2021 13:45 – 16:15 and 16.45 – 18.45, Brussels


* * *


B. Petitions which it is proposed to close in the light of the Commission's written reply or other documents received



Petition 0210/2007 by Robert Pocock (Irish), on behalf of Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment, on concerns regarding the addition of the hydrofluosilicic acid (H2SiF6) into drinking water in Ireland


 CM-PE  398,514/REV.VI

 FdR 1219063


Petition 0211/2007 by Walter Graham (British), on behalf of Council of Northern Ireland against Fluoridation, on concern about the addition of hydrofluosilicic acid (H2SiF6) to drinking water in UK




Petition 1407/2013 by G. F. (Italian), on ‘Registradores de Propriedad’ (property registry offices) in Spain

 CM-PE 536,117

 FdR 1030856



Petition 1721/2013 by Rosmarie Hennecke Gramatzki (German), on Property ownership and unfair judiciary in Spain

 CM-PE 648,432

 FdR 1200294



Petition 2577/2013  by M. M. (extra-EU), on granting national citizenship in Spain.

 CM-PE 557,365

 FdR 1063540



Petition 0717/2014  by A. T. (German) on the abolition of summer/winter time in the EU

 CM-PE  600,957/REV.II

 FdR 1201336.0


Petition 0233/2018 by H. M. (German) on daylight saving time and summer time adjustment

 CM-PE 600,957

 FdR 1201336



Petition 2679/2014 by Juan Ignacio Navas (Spanish) on the situation in the mortgage market and unfair terms in mortgage contracts

 CM-PE 576,764

 FdR 1085236



Petition 1124/2015 by D.S. (British) on reducing value added tax (VAT) on women’s sanitary products to zero percent



 FdR 1210792



Petition 1339/2015 by Maria Manuela (Italian) on supply teaching and the reiteration of fixed-term contracts in Italy

 CM-PE  589,468/REV

 FdR 1219067



Petition 0921/2016 by P.H. (Hungarian) bearing two signatures, on the discriminatory general contractual terms and conditions offered by the paidmailer service operators in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

 CM-PE  602,882/REV

 FdR 1213225



Petition 1203/2017 by Ismael Antonio López Pérez (Spanish) on nuclear waste dumped in the Atlantic trench

 CM-PE 626,746  FdR 1162615



Petition 0004/2018 by Jose Manuel Martin Álvarez (Spanish) on Spanish legislation on mortgages

 CM-PE  627,958/REV

 FdR 1216826



Petition 0751/2018 by Philippe Bravo (French) on the free air transport for respiratory devices of patients with respiratory insufficiency

 CM-PE 637,334




Petition 0145/2019 by Ismael Antonio López Pérez (Spanish), on behalf of the ‘Petón do Lobo’ Environmental Association, requesting information on a review of the loan granted by the EIB to the company Greenalia Biomass Power Curtis-Teixeiro (La Coruña, Galicia)

 CM-PE  641,199/REV              FdR 1221341



Petition 0537/2019 by M.B. (German) on air passengers’ rights

 CM-PE 655,601

 FdR 1209753



Petition 0585/2019 by Jürgen Wippler (German) on mobile phones with dual sim card and the use of different mobile phone providers

 CM-PE 655,792

 FdR 1210814



Petition 0926/2019 by L.B. (German) on infringements of the General Data Protection Regulation arising from the use of lie detectors

 CM-PE 652,479

 FdR 1205991



Petition 1088/2019 by G.W.H. (German), on behalf of the Associations “Verein Südleben” and “Scheidgraben Neighbour Citizens”, on a possible breach of the Water Framework Directive in Hesse

 CM-PE 652,488

 FdR 1206000



Petition 0089/2020 by Marco Warstat (German) on an EU-wide ban of fireworks for the benefit of animal welfare

 CM-PE 661,794

 FdR 1219078



Petition 0173/2020 by I.C. (Romanian) on the “Oxygen tax” and air pollution in Bucharest

 CM-PE 658,948

 FdR 1215584



Petition 0224/2020 by Ion Alexandru Haidău (Romanian) on increased weekend air pollution in Bucharest and Ilfov, Romania

 CM-PE 658,952

 FdR 1215588



Petition 0537/2020 by Federica Tranchida (Italian) on the job instability of physical education teachers in Italian primary schools

 CM-PE 661,801

 FdR 1219087



Petition 0722/2020 by P.O.S. (Spanish) on deforestation in Romania

 CM-PE 663,060

 FdR 1221352


o O o

[1]. In accordance with the committee’s Guidelines 2016, items in sections B of the draft agenda will not be discussed during the current meeting. However any PETI Member may ask before the end of the meeting for an item in section B to be kept open; it will then be automatically included in the Coordinators’ agenda for a decision on its further treatment at a subsequent Coordinators’meeting.

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