Monday, 21 February 2005 - Strasbourg
 1.Resumption of session
 2.Approval of Minutes of previous sitting
 3.Statements by the President
 4.Verification of credentials
 5.Membership of committees and delegations
 6.Texts of agreements forwarded by the Council
 8.Written declarations (Rule 116)
 9.Action taken on Parliament's positions and resolutions
 10.Order of business
 11.One-minute speeches on matters of political importance
 12.Commission legislative and work programme (2005) (continuation of debate)
 13.World Social Forum, World Economic Forum (debate)
 14.Exchange of information extracted from the criminal record * - Quality of criminal justice in the European Union (debate)
 15.Competition policy (2003) (debate)
 16.State aid in the form of public service compensation (debate)
 17.Agenda for next sitting
 18.Closure of sitting
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