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Wednesday, 17 January 2007 - Strasbourg

6. Order of business
Verbatim reports

The next item was the order of business.

The final draft agenda for the sittings of January I and II (PE 382.948/PDOJ) had been distributed. The following change had been proposed under Rule 132:

Sittings of 17.01.2007 and 18.01.2007


- Request from the ECON Committee to hold over until a later part-session the oral question by Pervenche Berès to the Commission on further convergence in supervisory practices in the EU (Item 28 on the final draft agenda), with a view to taking it as part of a joint debate along with an oral question to the Council on the same subject.

Pervenche Berès (Chairwoman of the ECON Committee) moved the request.

Parliament approved the request.


- no changes

Sittings of 31.01.2007 and 01.02.2007

- no changes

The order of business was thus established.

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