Thursday, 18 January 2007 - Strasbourg
 1.Opening of sitting
 2.Documents received
 3.Equality between men and women in the committees' work (debate)
 4.Law applicable to non-contractual obligations ("ROME II") *** II (debate)
 5.Communication of Council common positions
 6.Approval of Minutes of previous sitting
 7.Committee of Inquiry into the crisis of the Equitable Life Assurance Society (extension of mandate)
 8.Announcement by the President
 9.Voting time
9.1.Composition of committees
9.2.Amendment of the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement *** (Rule 131) (vote)
9.3.Development of the Community's railways ***II (vote)
9.4.Certification of train drivers operating locomotives and trains on the railway system in the Community ***II (vote)
9.5.International rail passengers' rights and obligations ***II (vote)
9.6.Law applicable to non-contractual obligations ("ROME II") ***II (vote)
9.7.Imposition of the death penalty on medical personnel in Libya (vote)
9.8.Seventh and eighth annual reports on arms exports (vote)
9.9.European Road Safety Action Programme - Mid-Term Review (vote)
9.10.Equality between men and women in the committees' work(vote)
 10.Explanations of vote
 11.Corrections to votes and voting intentions
 12.Membership of committees and delegations
 13.Request for the waiver of parliamentary immunity
 14.Decisions concerning certain documents
 15.Written declarations entered in the register (Rule 116)
 16.Forwarding of texts adopted during the sitting
 17.Dates for next sittings
 18.Adjournment of session
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