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Procedure : 2006/2200(INI)
Document stages in plenary
Document selected : A6-0020/2007

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Debates :

PV 14/02/2007 - 2
CRE 14/02/2007 - 2

Votes :

PV 14/02/2007 - 3.1
PV 14/02/2007 - 5.1
CRE 14/02/2007 - 3.1
CRE 14/02/2007 - 5.1
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Wednesday, 14 February 2007 - Strasbourg

3.1. Transport and illegal detention of prisoners (vote)

Final report on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transportation and illegal detention of prisoners [2006/2200(INI)] - Temporary Committee on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transport and illegal detention of prisoners. Rapporteur: Giovanni Claudio Fava (A6-0020/2007)

(Simple majority)

(Voting record: 'Results of votes', Item 1)

The President announced that the UEN Group had, in view of the number of amendments that had been tabled to the report, proposed under Rule 155(5) that a number of the amendments be put to the vote collectively.

The following spoke: Umberto Pirilli, on behalf of the UEN Group, who clarified the proposal, Ewa Klamt, who called for the PPE-DE Group's requests for separate and split votes to be met (the President replied that they would be), and Ignasi Guardans Cambó, who objected to the proposal.

The House agreed to the UEN Group's proposal.

The President announced that the vote on the report would have to be suspended at noon for the formal sitting.

Cristiana Muscardini suggested that the report by Giovanni Claudio Fava be put to the vote after the formal sitting, so that the vote would not be interrupted (the President replied that given the length of the vote, he could not agree to her suggestion).


The following spoke:

- Giovanni Claudio Fava (rapporteur), who explained how the different blocks of amendments had been arranged;

- Ignasi Guardans Cambó, who, having objected to the voting procedure, requested a separate vote on amendment 38 (the President agreed to his request);

- Giovanni Claudio Fava, who moved an oral amendment to paragraph 60, which was incorporated;

- Giusto Catania, who stated that the GUE/NGL Group would withdraw amendment 261;

- Ignasi Guardans Cambó, on the conduct of the vote;

- Johannes Blokland, on the speed at which the vote was being conducted, which he deemed to be too fast.

(Voting time was suspended at that point and would resume after the formal sitting)

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