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Procedure : 2006/2205(INI)
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Document selected : A6-0066/2007

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PV 28/03/2007 - 17
CRE 28/03/2007 - 17

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PV 29/03/2007 - 8.11
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Wednesday, 28 March 2007 - Brussels

17. The future of the European Union's own resources (debate)
Verbatim reports

Report on the future of the European Union's own resources [2006/2205(INI)] - Committee on Budgets. Rapporteur: Alain Lamassoure (A6-0066/2007)

Reimer Böge, deputising for the rapporteur, introduced the report.

Mariann Fischer Boel (Member of the Commission) spoke.

The following spoke: Elisa Ferreira (draftsman of the opinion of the ECON Committee), Gerardo Galeote (draftsman of the opinion of the REGI Committee), Carlos Carnero González (draftsman of the opinion of the AFCO Committee), Salvador Garriga Polledo, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group, Catherine Guy-Quint, on behalf of the PSE Group, Jan Mulder, on behalf of the ALDE Group, Zbigniew Krzysztof Kuźmiuk, on behalf of the UEN Group, Gérard Onesta, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group, Esko Seppänen, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, Hélène Goudin, on behalf of the IND/DEM Group, Petre Popeangă, on behalf of the ITS Group, Hans-Peter Martin, Non-attached Member, Richard James Ashworth, Jutta Haug, Gérard Deprez, Pierre Jonckheer, Jeffrey Titford, Sergej Kozlík, Valdis Dombrovskis, Neena Gill, Kyösti Virrankoski and José Albino Silva Peneda.

IN THE CHAIR: Manuel António dos SANTOS

The following spoke: Göran Färm, László Surján, Herbert Bösch, Monica Maria Iacob-Ridzi, Szabolcs Fazakas and Mariann Fischer Boel.

The debate closed.

Vote: Minutes of 29.03.2007, Item 8.11.

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