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Wednesday, 23 May 2007 - Strasbourg

7. Corrections to votes and voting intentions

Corrections to votes and voting intentions appear on the 'Séance en direct' website under 'Votes'/'Results of votes'/ 'Roll-call votes'. They are published in hard copy in the 'Result of roll-call votes' annex.

The electronic version on Europarl will be regularly updated for a maximum of two weeks after the day of the vote concerned.

After the two-week deadline has passed, the list of corrections to votes and voting intentions will be finalised so that it can be translated and published in the Official Journal.

The following Members stated that for technical reasons they had been unable to take part in the following votes:

Report: Mario Mauro - A6-0169/2007

- amendment 2: Mario Mauro

Report: Astrid Lulling - A6-0148/2007

- amended proposal: Othmar Karas

Report: Bernadette Vergnaud - A6-0173/2007

- paragraph 4: Guido Podestà

- amendment 20: Bruno Gollnisch

- paragraph 71: Bernadette Vergnaud

Report: Francisca Pleguezuelos Aguilar - A6-0150/2007

- amendment 12: Bernadette Vergnaud

- amendment 4: Roberta Angelilli

Report: David Martin - A6-0088/2007

- final vote: Marie Anne Isler Béguin

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