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Monday, 10 December 2007 - Strasbourg

8. Oral questions and written declarations (tabling)

The following documents had been received from Members:

(1) oral questions (Rule 108):

- (O-0074/2007) Gianluca Susta, Ignasi Guardans Cambó and Johan Van Hecke, on behalf of the ALDE Group, Robert Sturdy, Tokia Saïfi, Georgios Papastamkos and Vasco Graça Moura, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group, Erika Mann, Glyn Ford, Kader Arif and Elisa Ferreira, on behalf of the PSE Group, Cristiana Muscardini and Eugenijus Maldeikis, on behalf of the UEN Group, Caroline Lucas and Alain Lipietz, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group, to the Commission: Textiles (B6-0383/2007);

- (O-0066/2007) Glyn Ford, Giles Chichester, Graham Watson, Arlene McCarthy, Peter Skinner, Nicholson of Winterbourne, Elizabeth Lynne, Sarah Ludford, Toine Manders, David Martin, Glenys Kinnock, Claude Moraes, Erika Mann, Alexandra Dobolyi, Ana Maria Gomes, Robert Evans, Christopher Heaton-Harris, Reino Paasilinna, Marianne Mikko, Stephen Hughes, Stavros Lambrinidis, Malcolm Harbour, Bill Newton Dunn, Catherine Stihler, Sérgio Sousa Pinto, Jan Andersson, Linda McAvan, Luisa Morgantini, Jan Marinus Wiersma, Harlem Désir, Jo Leinen, Zita Gurmai, Caroline Lucas, Brian Simpson, Barbara Weiler, Christel Schaldemose, Neena Gill, Benoît Hamon, Michael Cashman, Udo Bullmann, Corina Creţu and Glenis Willmott, to the Commission: Hotel fire safety (B6-0385/2007);

- (O-0072/2007) Paolo Costa, on behalf of the TRAN Committee, to the Commission: Directive 2006/38/EC on charging heavy-goods road vehicles (Eurovignette), Article 11, interim reporting on assessment of inclusion of internal and social costs (B6-0386/2007);

- (O-0073/2007) Giuseppe Gargani, on behalf of the JURI Committee, to the Commission: Common frame of reference for European contract law (B6-0387/2007);

- (O-0077/2007) Pedro Guerreiro, Jacky Hénin, Roberto Musacchio, Marco Rizzo, Ilda Figueiredo and Helmuth Markov, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, to the Commission: Expiry of the Memorandum of Understanding between the EU and China on imports of certain textile and clothing products (B6-0388/2007);

(2) written declarations for entry in the Register (Rule 116):

- Daniel Strož, on the need to resolve fundamental problems in the EU by means of the forms of direct democracy, in particular the referendum (108/2007);

- Jules Maaten, on the jail sentence handed down to the Chinese cyber-dissident Yang Maodong (109/2007);

- Benoît Hamon, Ana Maria Gomes, Véronique De Keyser and Harlem Désir, on the EU taking over the protection of Ayaan Hirsi Ali (110/2007);

- Mary Lou McDonald, Jacek Protasiewicz, Claude Moraes, Gérard Onesta and Jean Marie Beaupuy, on ending street homelessness (111/2007);

- Oldřich Vlasák, Miroslav Ouzký, Herbert Reul and Edit Herczog, on the low-carbon energy future (112/2007);

- Jo Leinen, Vural Öger and Marek Siwiec, on the proposition of a creation of a Committee of wise men (113/2007);

- Urszula Krupa, on ensuring personal data protection in the EU (114/2007);

- Urszula Krupa, on discrimination against the Torun College for Social and Media Studies (115/2007);

- Urszula Krupa, on respect for human dignity and journalistic ethics in the European Union (116/2007).

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