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Wednesday, 18 June 2008 - Strasbourg
 1.Opening of the sitting
 2.Preparation of the European Council following the Irish referendum (debate)
 3.Voting time
3.1.Approval of the new allocation of the responsibilities of Vice-President of the Commission Jacques Barrot (vote)
3.2.Approval of the appointment of Antonio Tajani as member of the European Commission (vote)
3.3.Missing persons in Cyprus - Follow-up (Rule 131) (vote)
3.4.Common standards and procedures in Member States for returning illegally staying third-country nationals ***I (vote)
 5.Formal sitting - 2008, European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
 6.Voting time (continuation)
6.1.Internal market in electricity ***I (vote)
6.2.Conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity ***I (vote)
6.3.Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators ***I (vote)
6.4.Protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users ***I (vote)
6.5.Adaptation of a number of instruments to the regulatory procedure with scrutiny, "omnibus" Regulation, Part One ***I (vote)
6.6.Adaptation of a number of instruments to the regulatory procedure with scrutiny, "omnibus" Regulation, Part Three ***I (vote)
6.7.Autonomous Community tariff quotas on imports of certain fishery products into the Canary Islands * (vote)
6.8.Statute of the European Ombudsman (final vote)
 7.Explanations of vote
 8.Corrections to votes and voting intentions
 9.Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting
 10.Composition of Parliament
 11.Measures to combat the rise in oil prices (debate)
 12.Crisis in the fisheries sector (debate)
 13.EU/Russia summit (26-27 June 2008) (debate)
 14.Question Time (Council)
 15.Composition of committees and delegations
 16.Inland transport of dangerous goods ***II (debate)
 17.Road infrastructure safety ***I (debate)
 18.Future of the sheep/lamb and goat sector in Europe (debate)
 19.Agenda of the next sitting
 20.Closure of the sitting
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