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Tuesday, 10 March 2009 - Strasbourg


8. Voting time

Details of voting (amendments, separate and split votes, etc.) appear in the Results of Votes annex to the minutes.

The results of roll-call votes are available in electronic form only, as an annex to the minutes, and can be accessed via Europarl.

Before opening voting time, the President announced the introduction of a new system of displaying votes in the Chamber.

The following spoke: Graham Watson, on behalf of the ALDE Group, on the organisation of the votes on the reports by Holger Krahmer (A6-0046/2009) and Michael Cashman (A6-0077/2009) (minutes of 10.03.2009, item 8.12), Thomas Mann, on the new electronic system of displaying votes, on the 5oth anniversary of the occupation of Tibet and on the possibility of displaying the Tibetan flag in the Chamber (the President confirmed that possibility and welcomed Kasur Tashi Wangdi, the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who was present in the visitors' gallery), and Zbigniew Zaleski, on the massacre of several thousand Poles in the Katyń Forest in 1940.

8.1. EC-Armenia agreement: air services * (Rule 131) (vote)

8.2. Agreement between the EC and Israel on certain aspects of air services * (Rule 131) (vote)

8.3. Additional protocol to the Agreement between the EC and South Africa, to take account of the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU *** (Rule 131) (vote)

8.4. Next steps in border management in the EU (Rule 131) (vote)

8.5. Cross-border transfers of companies' registered offices (Rule 131) (vote)

8.6. Future of the European Common Asylum System (Rule 131) (vote)

8.7. Commission action plan towards an integrated internal control framework (Rule 131) (vote)

8.8. Cooperation between the courts of the Member States in the taking of evidence in civil or commercial matters (Rule 131) (vote)

8.9. Implementation of Directive 2006/43/EC on statutory audits of annual accounts and consolidated accounts (Rule 131) (vote)

8.10. Equal treatment and access for men and women in the performing arts (Rule 131) (vote)

8.11. Type-approval requirements for the general safety of motor vehicles ***I (vote)

8.12. Integrated pollution prevention and control: industrial emissions, titanium dioxide industry, use of organic solvents, incineration of waste, large combustion plants ***I (vote)

8.13. Statute for a European private company * (vote)

8.14. Guidelines for the 2010 budget procedure - Section III, Commission (vote)

8.15. Guidelines for the 2010 budget procedure - Sections I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX (vote)

8.16. Integrity of online gambling (vote)

8.17. Ensuring food quality: harmonisation or mutual recognition of standards (vote)

8.18. Commission Reports on Competition Policy 2006 and 2007 (vote)

8.19. Small Business Act (vote)
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