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Tuesday, 15 June 2010 - Strasbourg

7.1. Election of a Vice-President of the European Parliament (vote)

The President announced that he had received from the PPE Group the nomination of László Tőkés.

As László Tőkés was the only candidate, the President proposed to the House that the vote be held by acclamation under Rule 13(1).

The following spoke: Corneliu Vadim Tudor, who expressed reservations regarding the nomination, and Hannes Swoboda, who proposed that the candidate make a statement.

László Tőkés made a brief statement.

The President, noting the reservations expressed by Corneliu Vadim Tudor, decided to move to the vote, which was held electronically.

The following spoke on the technical aspects of the vote: Marc Tarabella and Martin Schulz.

The President recalled the way of counting the votes.

The following spoke: Georgios Toussas, who requested that votes against and abstentions be counted separately, Robert Atkins, who associated himself with those remarks, and Hans-Peter Martin, on the functioning of his voting machine.

The following spoke: Dagmar Roth-Behrendt, who recalled the arrangements for electing vice-presidents and stated that in this case only the number of votes in favour was decisive.

The vote was held.

By electronic vote (Members voting: 621; in favour: 334; blank papers: 287), Parliament elected László Tőkés (the list of Members voting is annexed to these minutes).

The President proclaimed László Tőkés Vice-President of the European Parliament and congratulated him on his election. In line with Rule 18(1), he took the place of his predecessor (11th) in the order of precedence.

The following spoke: Stavros Lambrinidis on the count of votes against and abstentions (the President invited Members to inform him of their reservations personally).


The following spoke: Hannes Swoboda and Robert Atkins on the conduct of the vote.

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