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Tuesday, 6 July 2010 - Strasbourg

7. Explanations of vote
Verbatim reports

Written explanations of vote:

Explanations of vote submitted in writing under Rule 170 appear in the Verbatim Report of Proceedings for the sitting.

Oral explanations of vote:

Report: Othmar Karas - A7-0220/2010

Ivo Strejček, Daniel Hannan and Syed Kamall

Report: Wojciech Michał Olejniczak - A7-0202/2010

Tunne Kelam, Erminia Mazzoni, Radvilė Morkūnaitė-Mikulėnienė and Inese Vaidere

Report: Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou - A7-0206/2010

Inese Vaidere, Daniel Hannan and Syed Kamall

Recommendation for second reading: Antonio Cancian A7-0174/2010

Miroslav Mikolášik, Zuzana Roithová and Marian Harkin

Report: Dirk Sterckx - A7-0064/2010

Giovanni La Via

Report: Mathieu Grosch - A7-0189/2010

Alfredo Antoniozzi and Hannu Takkula

Report: Carlos José Iturgaiz Angulo - A7-0186/2010

Clemente Mastella, Inese Vaidere and Seán Kelly

Report: Emilie Turunen - A7-0197/2010

Licia Ronzulli, Hannu Takkula and Radvilė Morkūnaitė-Mikulėnienė

Report: Pascale Gruny - A7-0193/2010

Licia Ronzulli

Report: José Manuel Fernandes - A7-0203/2010

Mario Pirillo, Radvilė Morkūnaitė-Mikulėnienė and Zuzana Roithová

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