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Monday, 4 April 2011 - Strasbourg

9. Oral questions and written declarations (submission)

The following documents had been submitted by Members:

1) oral questions (Rule 115)

- (O-000040/2011) by Erminia Mazzoni, on behalf of the PETI Committee, to the Commission: Petition 1565/2009 by José Maria Pozancos (Spanish) on EU tomato imports from Morocco (B7-0211/2011)

2) written declarations for inclusion in the register (Rule 123)

- Françoise Castex, Franziska Katharina Brantner, Vincent Peillon, Cristian Dan Preda and Ivo Vajgl, on the establishment of Euro-Mediterranean Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci programmes (0015/2011);

- Geoffrey Van Orden, Gabriele Albertini, Alexander Alvaro, Frédérique Ries and Hannu Takkula, on terrorism and extremism in Pakistan (0016/2011);

- Richard Seeber, Ole Christensen, Carl Haglund, Isabella Lövin and Anna Rosbach, on reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (0017/2011).

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