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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 - Brussels

12. Order of business

The next item was the order of business.

The final draft agenda for the November II sittings (PE 473.691/PDOJ) had been distributed and a number of changes had been proposed (Rule 140):


A debate on the two reports by Bernhard Rapkay on the Request for defence of the parliamentary immunity of Mr Viktor Uspaskich (A7-0411/2011 and A7-0413/2011) was entered as the first debate on the agenda in accordance with Rule 7(8).


The debate on the oral question on the EU global response to HIV/AIDS (Item 59 of the final draft agenda) was replaced by a Commission statement on the same subject.

The report by Bernhard Rapkay on the request for defence of Mr Luigi de Magistris's parliamentary immunity (A7-0412/2011) was entered at voting time.

Voting time was extended to 14.00.

° ° °

The following spoke: Peter van Dalen on the elections in Egypt (the President took note of what he had said), and Joseph Daul, Sergio Paolo Francesco Silvestris and Bernd Posselt, on the following day's votes.

The order of business was thus established.

(The sitting was suspended at 15.15 for a fire drill and resumed at 15.55.)

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