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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 - Strasbourg

8. Voting time

Detailed voting results (amendments, separate and split votes, etc.) appear in the Results of Votes annex to the minutes.

The results of roll-call votes are available in electronic form only, as an annex to the minutes, and can be accessed via Europarl.

8.1. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and the Schengen acquis *** (Rule 138) (vote)

8.2. Guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States *(Rule 138) (vote)

8.3. Food distribution to the most deprived persons in the Union ***II (vote)

8.4. Radio spectrum policy ***II (vote)

8.5. Contractual relations in the milk and milk products sector ***I (vote)

8.6. Amendment of Rule 48(2) on own-initiative reports (vote)

8.7. Feasibility of introducing stability bonds (vote)

8.8. Employment and social aspects in the Annual Growth Survey 2012 (vote)

8.9. Contribution to the Annual Growth Survey 2012 (vote)
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