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Thursday, 26 November 2015 - Strasbourg

11. Voting time

Detailed voting results (amendments, separate and split votes, etc.) appear in the Results of Votes annex to the minutes.

The results of roll-call votes are available in electronic form only, as an annex to the minutes, and can be accessed via Europarl.

11.1. Afghanistan, in particular the killings in the province of Zabul (vote)

11.2. Cambodia (vote)

11.3. Freedom of expression in Bangladesh (vote)

11.4. The state of play of the Doha Development Agenda in view of the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference (vote)

11.5. Accession of Ecuador to the EU-Peru and Colombia trade agreement (vote)

11.6. A new animal welfare strategy for 2016-2020 (vote)

11.7. Education for children in emergency situations and protracted crises (vote)

11.8. Towards simplification and performance orientation in cohesion policy for 2014-2020 (vote)
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