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Thursday, 21 January 2016 - Strasbourg

9. Explanations of vote

Written explanations of vote:

Explanations of vote submitted in writing under Rule 183 appear in the Verbatim Report of Proceedings for the sitting.

Oral explanations of vote:

Recommendation: Ulrike Lunacek - A8-0372/2015
Krisztina Morvai, Nirj Deva, Peter Jahr, Andrejs Mamikins, Nicola Caputo, Jiří Pospíšil, Csaba Sógor and Stanislav Polčák

Association Agreements / Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine (2015/3032(RSP)) – RC-B8-0068/2016
Tatjana Ždanoka, Krisztina Morvai, Peter Jahr, Andrejs Mamikins, Nicola Caputo, Jiří Pospíšil, Michaela Šojdrová, Gerolf Annemans and Stanislav Polčák

Mutual defence clause (Article 42(7) TEU) (2015/3034(RSP)) – RC-B8-0043/2016
Krisztina Morvai, Marek Jurek, Andrejs Mamikins, Nicola Caputo, Jiří Pospíšil and Steven Woolfe

EU priorities for the UNHRC sessions in 2016 (2015/3035(RSP)) – RC-B8-0050/2016
Krisztina Morvai, Paloma López Bermejo, Marek Jurek, Andrejs Mamikins and Michaela Šojdrová

Report: Lidia Joanna Geringer de Oedenberg - A8-0361/2015
Krisztina Morvai, Xabier Benito Ziluaga, Peter Jahr and Andrejs Mamikins.

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