Tuesday, 3 October 2017 - Strasbourg
 1.Opening of the sitting
 2.Composition of political groups
 3.State of play of negotiations with the United Kingdom (debate)
 4.Voting time
4.1.State of play of negotiations with the United Kingdom (vote)
4.2.Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment ***I (vote)
4.3.Management, conservation and control measures applicable in the ICCAT Convention area ***I (vote)
4.4.Women’s economic empowerment in the private and public sectors in the EU (vote)
4.5.Addressing shrinking civil society space in developing countries (vote)
4.6.The fight against cybercrime (vote)
4.7.EU political relations with ASEAN (vote)
 5.Explanations of vote
 6.Corrections to votes and voting intentions
 7.Resumption of the sitting
 8.Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting
 9.Situation in Moldova (debate)
 10.Ending child marriage (debate)
 11.EU-Egypt partnership priorities for 2017-2020 (debate)
 12.Corrigendum (Rule 231)
 13.2017 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany (COP23) (debate)
 14.Thousands of cancellations of flights by Ryanair and the enforcement of the air passenger rights Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 (debate)
 15.Objection to an implementing act: Scientific criteria for the determination of endocrine disrupting properties (debate)
 16.Composition of political groups
 17.Safety rules and standards for passenger ships ***I - Registration of persons sailing on board passenger ships operating to or from ports of the Member States ***I - System of inspections for the safe operation of ro-ro ferry and high-speed passenger craft in regular service ***I (debate)
 18.Agenda of the next sitting
 19.Closure of the sitting
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