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Thursday, 16 November 2017 - Strasbourg


5. Resumption of the sitting
Verbatim reports

The sitting resumed at 12.00.

The following spoke::

- William (The Earl of) Dartmouth (the President cut him off as he was not speaking on a point of order);

- Steven Woolfe on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, to request that a committee be set up to investigate Saudi Arabia's responsibility for exacerbating the crisis in that country;

- Dimitrios Papadimoulis on the floods in Greece which had cost at least 15 lives, to ask that Parliament and the EU express their solidarity with the families of the victims (the President pointed out that Parliament always showed solidarity with the victims of human tragedies);

- Werner Langen on the problems affecting the live streaming in Malta of the debate on the rule of law in Malta, which had been held on the Tuesday afternoon. (minutes of 14.11.2017, item 11).

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