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Thursday, 4 July 2019 - Strasbourg

3. Election of Quaestors
Verbatim reports

Parliament elected its Quaestors in accordance with Rule 18.

The President announced that he had received nominations for the office of Quaestor as follows: Monika Beňová, Gilles Boyer, David Casa, Karol Karski and Anne Sander.

The candidates confirmed their nominations.

The President said that, because there were fewer candidates than the number of seats to be filled, the candidates were declared to have been elected, in accordance with Rule 15(1). He confirmed that, in accordance with Rule 18 and Rule 17(2), a secret ballot would be held, by electronic vote, to determine their order of precedence. He advised the House of the procedure to be followed.

The vote was taken.

The President read out the results of the ballot:

- Members voting: 574

- Blank or void: 71

- Votes cast: 503

Votes obtained in descending order:

Anne Sander: 407

Monika Beňová: 391

David Casa: 391

Gilles Boyer: 317

Karol Karski: 261

In accordance with Rule 18 and Rule 17(2), the Quaestors' order of precedence was determined by the number of votes they received and, where two members received the same number of votes, by age.

(The list of Members voting is annexed to these minutes.) (Minutes of 4.7.2019, Annex 2)

(The sitting was suspended at 9.19.)

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